Guidelines for admission to the thesis procedure for PhD or MD/PhD or Dr. PH in the form of a monograph

1. The Thesis Regulation of the Medical Faculty of the CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin dated 2012-12-03 is the legal basis. You can download the Regulation from the right column.

2. The application for a monograph shall be submitted in writing to the Chairperson of the Thesis Commission, giving detailed reasons for the application. In the right column, you will also find suggestions for formatting. If you did not submit the registration/application at the start of the doctoral project as specified in Section 6 (2), detailed reasons must be given for submitting it only now.

The following documents shall also be appended to the application:

(a) Registration/Thesis Agreement

You can download this form from the right column. 

(b) Curriculum vitae

Please submit separately a CV signed by you for the archive. The CV should contain information on courses, employment record, academic degrees obtained and previous efforts made to obtain a doctorate. Courses taken and academic degrees obtained must be substantiated with certificates.

(c) Publication list

A complete list of publications enumerating all publications (original works, abstracts, posters, book contributions, lectures, etc.).

(d) Certificate/ diploma/ Master’s certificate

A plain copy is sufficient. If the course was not taken in Germany, equivalency to a similar course in Germany shall be applied for by your supervisor. You will find additional relevant information here.

(e) Guide to Admission

The Guide to Admission to the Doctoral Procedure shall be completely filled in by you and signed by your supervisor . Please answer all applicable questions and mark “not applicable” those that are not.


Please note that part of the documents must be submitted in electronic form. Therefore, please send the application, the CV, if applicable, the list of publications and the “Guide to admission …” in a document (either Word of PDF) on a CD or by e-mail to the following address: