Ph.D. or MD/Ph.D. and Dr. PH

Candidates who, having completed a relevant course of study to qualify for the doctorate and obtained the associated Master’s degree certificate or the equivalent thereof, have been admitted to the doctoral course concerned, and who can furnish proof of admission to the said doctoral course by the competent administrative office, can be admitted to the PhD or MD/PhD or Dr. PH programme.

You have the academic degree of a bachelor and would like to do a thesis at the CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin?

The thesis regulations of CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin require that you have passed your bachelor degree with the equivalent of an ECTS grade A and that you have started a master study, preferably in the life sciences. You must present the respective documents along with your application.

If you do not fulfill these requirements, a separate comprehensive exam has to be passed. The complexity and the areas of this exam are individually decided upon by the thesis commission after submission of your thesis contract.


To help you find the right information for you, we offer you the following questions:

1. Has your application for PhD or MD/Ph.D. or Dr. PH not yet been approved or have you not yet submitted any application/promotion agreement? If so, please click here.

2. If you have already submitted an application/promotions Agreement or if you have already applied for admittance and this was approved by the doctoral Committee, please follow this link:
Application for opening of a doctoral procedure with a paper-based-thesis

3. If your application for a monograph has already been approved under the new doctoral regulations, then please follow this link:
Application for opening of a doctoral procedure with a monograph