Thesis procedure according to the old Thesis Regulation of the Charité

Guidelines for opening a thesis procedure in the form of a paper-based-thesis

1. The Thesis Regulation of the Medical Faculty of the CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin dated 2006-09-08 is the legal basis. You can download the Regulation from the right column. Thesis Regulations for Dr. rer. cur. and Dr. rer. medic are listed in sequence in the same document.

2. The application for opening the thesis procedure shall be submitted in writing to the Chairperson of the Thesis Commission. In the right column, you will also find suggestions for structuring the layout.

3. You must be present in person for the opening.

The following documents shall also be appended to the application:

(a) 4 copies with an obligatory title sheet

The four bound copies of the dissertation in A4 format drawn up at the candidate’s expense shall be written in German. Exceptions can be made on application stating reasons. The Thesis Commission will rule on their approval.

In the right column, you will find a binding template for structuring the layout of the cover sheet specified by the Faculty.

The dissertation shall be structured as follows:

- Cover sheet
– table of contents
– summary (including abstracts in German and English)
– printed copies of selected publications
– CV (with your signature)
– complete list of publications
– affidavit (with your signature)
– acknowledgements

(b) Curriculum vitae

Please submit separately a CV signed by you for the archive. The CV should contain information on courses, employment record, academic degrees obtained and previous efforts to obtain a doctorate. Courses taken and academic degrees obtained must be substantiated with certificates.

(c) Certificate/diploma/Master’s certificate

You can submit either a certified copy of the university certificate or of diploma or of the certificate of master or of the certificate of examination in medicine/dentistry; alternatively you can submit an uncertified photocopy, in which case the original document is to be presented for verification.

Physicians shall also submit their licence and (if applicable) their specialist certificate.

Candidates enrolled in medical or dental courses at the Charité shall present a current matriculation certificate.

(d) List of publications

Please submit a complete, separate list of publications for the archive. Note that the list should follow the CV in the bound copies of your dissertation.

(e) Selected publications

A list of selected publications indicating the impact factors.

(f) Affidavit

Also part of the work is a declaration signed by the candidate stating that the dissertation was written by himself/herself without the help of (unauthorised) third parties, that neither the work nor parts thereof are copies of other works and that all aids and literature used are listed in their entirety.  The candidate’s contribution to the selected publications is also stated.
The declaration shall be inserted at the end of the bound dissertation. 

A binding template can be downloaded from the right column.

(g) Print copies of publication(s)

At least three publications are to be submitted as print copies.

The doctoral candidate must provide proof of having contributed a decisive share to at least three original studies published in peer-reviewed journals of international significance in which he/she was a co-author and at least one publication in which he/she was the first author. 
The scientific work underlying the publications must have been carried out at the Medizinische Fakultät CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin or in cooperation with it and this fact must be unambiguously reflected in the publications.

The year of publication of the most recent study may not be more than one year before the opening of the doctoral procedure. The Thesis Commission shall decide on exceptions. 

(h) Summary

The summary must be an adequate digest of the selected publications’ content comprising no more than 20 pages; it is to be structured as follows: title, author, abstract in German and English (one page each), introduction, objective (one page), methodology, results, discussion (max. 17 pages).

(i) Reviewer proposal form

A form with five reviewer proposals stamped and signed by the candidate’s supervisor. You can download the requisite form from the right column.

(j) Certificate of good conduct

A certificate of good conduct from the police (may not be older than eight weeks on the date of submission).

(k) ID card / passport

When submitting the application, the candidate must be able to prove his/her identity by producing a valid personal identification document.


Please also note that part of the documents must be submitted in electronic form. Therefore, please send the application, the CV, the list of the selected publications, the statement or originality (without signatures), the summary and the reviewer proposal formin a document (either Word of PDF) on a CD or by e-mail to the following address: