Thesis procedure according to the old Thesis Regulation of the Charité

Guidelines for opening a thesis procedure for Dr. rer. medic. in form of a monograph

1. The Thesis Regulation of the Medical Faculty of the CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin dated 2006-09-08 is the legal basis. You can download the Regulation from the right column. Please note that the regulation for Dr. rer. medic. comes after the regulation for Dr. rer. cur.
2. The application for opening a thesis procedure shall be written in German and submitted to the Chairperson of the Thesis Commission. You will find a formatting proposal in the right column.
3. You must be present in person for the opening.

The following documents must also be included with the application:

(a) 4 copies with the obligatory title sheet

The four bound copies of the typewritten dissertation in A4 format drawn up at the student’s expense shall be written in German. Applications giving reasons for exceptions can be submitted to the Thesis Commission, which will rule on their approval.
In the right column, you will find a binding template for the layout of the cover sheet specified by the Faculty.
The title of the dissertation must be brief and readily understandable. Abbreviations should be avoided. Rules of the German language shall be complied with. The file reference and date of official approval shall be indicated in studies involving animal experiments. 

Advice: Please note that German language dissertations need an English language abstract and vice versa.

(b) Certificate

You can submit either a certified transcript of your college graduation certificate or an uncertified photocopy thereof; in the latter case, the original document must also be produced for verification purposes.

(c) Curriculum vitae

Please submit separately a CV signed by you for the archive. The CV should contain information on courses, employment record, academic degrees obtained and previous efforts made to obtain a doctorate. Courses taken and academic degrees obtained must be substantiated with certificates.

Important: A copy of the signed CV, which should be inserted at the end of the dissertation, is also part of the bound dissertation.

(d) List of publications

Please submit a separate list of publications (if applicable) for the archive.
Important: A copy of the list of publications (if applicable) is part of the bound dissertation and shall be inserted at the end of the work behind the CV.

(e) Affidavit

Also part of the dissertation is an affidavit, signed by the applicant, stating that he/she wrote the thesis himself/herself and without the help of third parties and that no sources or means other than those stated were used...

On the right side, you will find a downloadable mandatory sample of the declaration.

The affidavit as part of the bound work should be at the end of the dissertation. The affidavit should be signed only by you.
Please submit a separate printout version of the declaration for the file. In the case of previous publications relating to your dissertation, this declaration should also be signed by your supervisor.

(f) Abstract

A separate, unbound copy of the dissertation abstract in German and English indicating the title of the dissertation and the name of the candidate is to be provided for the archive. 

(g) Certificate of good conduct

A certificate of good conduct from the police (may not be older than eight weeks on the date of submission).

(h) Form for proposed reviewers

A form listing five proposed reviewers stamped and signed by the candidate’s university teacher.
You can download the requisite form from the right column.

(i) ID card / passport

When submitting the application, the candidate must be able to prove his/her identity by producing a valid personal identification document.