Information on admission to the doctoral program/procedure to Dr. rer. medic. in the form of a monograph

  • Legal basis is the doctoral regulations of the Faculty of CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin from 2012-12-03. The data is available for download in the right hand column.
  • The application for the monograph is a written request to the Chairman of the doctoral Committee and should be justified in detail. Design proposal available for downloading in the right hand column.
  • In Section 1 (2), the statute of Medizinische Fakultät CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin on „Good Scientific Practice“ specifies that it is obligatory for doctoral candidates to take a course in Good Scientific Practice. The content of the course is focused on experiment planning, evaluation of primary data, statistics and authorships. You will find the schedule at:
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If you did not provided your registration/application for approval as required in article §6 (2), at the beginning of the program, detailed grounds for doing so at this date must be given.

The application should include the following:

a) Registration / Promotion agreement

You can find this form for downloading in the right hand column. 

b) Resume/CV

A curriculum vitae signed by the candidate for the file should be submitted separately. The CV should contain information on courses, work, acquisition of academic qualifications and previous promotion attempts. Courses and degrees awarded must be substantiated by proof. 

c) List of publications

A complete publications list, which lists all publications (papers, abstracts, posters, book articles, lectures etc.) produced by you.

d) Certificate / Certificate of Diploma / Master Certificate-Diploma

A simple copy is sufficient.
If the course of studies has not been completed in Germany, recognition of the degree as an acceptable German University equivalent should be applied for by your supervising University.
You will find more information about this topic here.

e) Guidelines

The “Guide for admission to the doctoral program” must be completed fully and signed by you and your supervising professor. Please answer all points and where appropriate, supplement "not applicable" or an appropriate note. 


Please Note that some of the documents must be submitted in electronic form. Please, send the application, the curriculum vitae, if necessary the publication list and the „guide …“ summarised in an electronic document (either Word or PDF) on a CD or by e-mail to the following address: