Thesis acceptance procedure according to the new thesis regulation of the Charité

Guidelines for the initiation of the thesis acceptance procedure for the Dr. med. and Dr. med. dent.

1. These guidelines are based on the thesis regulation of the CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin valid since 2012-12-03. Find the download button for the thesis regulation on the right.

2. The initiation of the thesis acceptance procedure must be applied for in writing and in German language with the chairman/chairwoman of the thesis commission. Find the download button for a model letter the right.

3. The initiation requires your presence in person at the thesis office.

The application also requires the following:

(a) 3 copies of the thesis with a formal title page

Four bound copies in A4 format must be submitted at your own costs in German language. If you desire to write your thesis in English you need to ask permission with the commission, presenting the reasons.

Find the download button for a prototypical title page on the right.

Please keep the title short and understandable for a wider academic public. Abbreviations are discouraged. Please apply current writing rules. If animal experiments have been performed, the registration code and the date of the official permission by the respective regulatory institution must be stated.

Advice: Please note that German language dissertations need an English language abstract and vice versa.

(b) Diploma

Legally certified copies of the diploma of the medical or dental examination may be submitted. Simple copies are accepted if the originals are presented for comparison.

Students of the Charité present their certificate of immatriculation instead.

(c) Medical licence

Bring a legally certified copy of your medical licence as medical physician or dentist. A simple copy is accepted if the original is presented for comparison.

(d) Curriculum vitae (CV)

The applicant needs to submit a separate CV for administrative purposes. The CV must include data about academic studies, professional activities, received academic degrees and previous thesis attempts. The respective diplomas must be presented.

Please note: A signed CV is also integral component of the thesis and must be added at the end.

(e) Publication list

If a publication list is available, it must also be presented

Please note: A publication list is (if available) also integral component of the thesis and must be added behind the CV.

(f) Affidavit

Also part of the dissertation is an affidavit, signed by the applicant, stating that he/she wrote the thesis himself/herself and without the help of third parties and that no sources or means other than those stated were used...

On the right side, you will find a downloadable mandatory sample of the declaration.

The affidavit as part of the bound work should be at the end of the dissertation. The affidavit should be signed only by you.
Please submit a separate printout version of the declaration for the file. In the case of previous publications relating to your dissertation, this declaration should also be signed by your supervisor.

(g) Abstract

A separate copy of the abstract in German and English stating the thesis title and the name of the applicant must be submitted for administrative purposes.

(h) Police clearance certificate

The police clearance certificate must not be older than 8 weeks at the time of presentation.

i) Reviewer suggestion list

A reviewer suggestion list must propose at least 5 reviewers (three of those external to the Charité) and be signed and stamped by the supervisory scientist.

Find the download button for the reviewer suggestion list on the right.

(j) Primary data set

Based on the Standing Rules on Good Scientific Practice, the Thesis Commission is encouraged to carry out random sample checks. For this purpose, a faithful copy of the primary data set of the underlying dissertations in digital form (DVD, CD or memory stick) or the exact postal or electronic address with the name(s) of the responsible person or persons where the data can be accessed over a period of ten years is to be provided or named. 

(k) Participation confirmation course „Good Scientific Practice“

In Section 1 (2), the statute of Medizinische Fakultät CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin on „Good Scientific Practice“ specifies that it is obligatory for doctoral candidates to take a course in Good Scientific Practice. The content of the course is focused on experiment planning, evaluation of primary data, statistics and authorships.

You will find the schedule at:
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(l) ID Card / Passport

The applicant must identify himself with a valid ID card or passport.