Application/Thesis Agreement

Please complete the form Application/Thesis Agreement (registration/dissertation agreement) with your doctoral supervisor and submit the original to the Thesis Office for registration. Incompletely filled in forms cannot be processed or registered. As a rule, processing takes two to three weeks.

Please note that in Section 1(2), the statute on „Good Scientific Practice“ of Medizinische Fakultät Charité specifies that doctoral candidates are obliged to take a course in Good Scientific Practice. The content of the course is focused on experiment planning, evaluation of primary data, statistics and authorships.

You will find the course schedule at
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A participation confirmation is to be submitted along with your application for opening the thesis procedure (submission of the completed dissertation).


- A copy of examination in medicine or dentistry


- a matriculation certificate for a course in medicine or dentistry at the Charité


- proof of completion of the equivalent of a master’s degree college course (a transcript will suffice)


- proof of admission to a course from the competent office of the doctoral course in question.
Certificates obtained abroad must be examined beforehand for equivalency to a German college certificate by the Central Office for Foreign Education System (Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen) in Bonn. The equivalency certificate should be attached. Click here for more details.