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Here you will find general information about the supervision of doctoral projects

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Supervision of doctoral projects at Charité

As a rule, for every doctoral project a doctorate agreement between the doctoral candidate and his/her supervisors is compulsory. The doctorate agreement must be registered at the Office for Doctoral Studies prior to working on the doctoral project. The binding form can be found at Links & Downloads.

Acting as a supervisor is a responsible task. At Charité, the Faculty Council has set out compulsory guidelines for supervising doctoral projects.

In particular, a supervisor has the following duties:

  • In case that the doctoral candidate holds an university degree from abroad, to obtain an assessment by the Central Office for Foreign Education that the degree is equivalent to a German university degree and that the candidate may pursue a doctorate
  • Obtain an ethics vote of the competent Ethics Board
  • Submit a Votum Informativum (together with the other supervisor/s) on the dissertation of the doctoral candidate


If you are leaving / about to leave the Charité...

If you are leaving or about to leave the Charité, you may continue supervising the doctoral projects that have already been registered, provided that you continue to work as a professor in Germany or abroad, or continue to be private lecturer (Privatdozent) or extraordinary professor (außerplanmäßiger Professor). In that case please submit proof of this to the Office for Doctoral Studies.