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Doctor of Dental Medicine (Dr. med. dent.)

On this page you will find all the information you need to register online for a doctorate in medicine (Dr. med. dent.).

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Special case of temporary content-protected monographs

A monograph with temporary content protection may be submitted if this is approved by the doctoral committee before the doctoral project begins.

The following documents must be enclosed with the application for approval:

  1. a detailed work, time and publication plan, which follows the guidelines drawn up by the doctoral committee and is co-signed by the first supervisor
  2. a detailed curriculum vitae - if available with a list of publications
  3. an informal but detailed and informative application stating the duration of protection and accompanied by the relevant documents from the developing institution. The application must object to the public examination in accordance with Section 32 (7) BerlHG.

Ablauf der Online-Registrierung

Before registration

Before you register your doctoral project via the online form, we kindly ask you to make some preparations in advance to ensure a smooth and secure registration process.

The form will request a variety of information about you (personal data) and your doctoral project. To prepare you for accurate and frustration-free input, please consider the following points:

1. Have all your personal data ready (or memorized). This includes details such as your place of birth, educational background, and your first degree.

2. Additionally, you will need to provide information about your doctoral field and the academic degree you are aiming for.

3. For your doctoral project, you should have the following information ready and have already coordinated it with your supervising individuals:

  • Start date of your work
  • Topic/working title of the dissertation
  • Research question and essential hypotheses
  • Have you clarified in advance whether your doctoral project requires approval from the ethics commission ( or an animal experimentation permit?
  • You should be able to describe the individual steps of your doctoral project.
  • You can specify the effort and the estimated total processing time of your project.
  • Your supervisors are confirmed, and the fundamental tasks associated with your doctoral project have been discussed. As a helpful guide, you can also forward the guidelines to your supervisors.

4. During the registration, you will need to answer the following questions, among others:

  • You have the full names, academic degrees, and contact information (email) of your supervisors.
  • You know how many individuals are required to supervise your work.
  • You are aware that your supervisors have the necessary qualifications to supervise your work.
  • You can name the institutes/clinics where your supervisors work.
  • You can indicate how often you will exchange information with your supervisors about the progress of your work.
  • You can provide information about which scientific methods required for your work have already been tested and established by your primary supervisor.
  • You can provide information about which scientific methods required for your work still need to be established by your primary supervisor.

During registration

Fill out the online form to complete the registration.

  • Take about an hour to enter all data accurately and conscientiously.
  • Ensure that you have a stable internet connection and sit in a quiet place where you can concentrate.
  • For certain information, numeric codes from various code directories will be required. We have linked these in the questions, and you can access them directly.
  • The online application must be completed in one session. There is no option to save the partially completed application. However, data may be temporarily stored in the cache based on your browser settings, allowing you to navigate back and forth between application pages seamlessly.

Important documents during registration

After registration

After submitting the registration, you will receive a confirmation email immediately.

Now, please allow us some time. Your information for the doctoral project will be initially sent to your primary supervisor, who will review and confirm the content of the research plan. Subsequently, we will conduct a formal and substantive review of your details for accuracy and consistency. In case of any queries, we will contact you via email.

Once all details are verified, we will send you the doctoral agreement via email. The email will also provide detailed explanations of the next steps.

The doctoral agreement must now be signed in the original by you and your supervisors or digitally signed. Upon receiving the original doctoral agreement and all accompanying documents, we will register the doctoral project.

After approval of your doctoral agreement, you will receive a registration confirmation and information regarding enrollment as a doctoral student.


  • the completed doctoral agreement, signed with original or digitally certified signatures and
  • a copy of the certificate of the dental examination and, if available, a license to practice dentistry


  • a certificate of enrollment/certificate of study in the dental medicine program at Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin


I obtained my certificate abroad. What do I have to consider?

Certificates obtained abroad must first be checked for equivalence with a German university degree by the Central Office for Foreign Education in Bonn. The relevant notification must be enclosed.

Further information

Recognition of foreign university degrees

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