Oral examination

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After the assessments on your doctoral degree paper have been submitted, you will need to take an oral examination. This doctoral examination shall either be carried out by way of a disputation before the Examination Board or by way of two individual oral examinations.

In case of a doctorate by submission of a temporarily protected paper, the doctoral examination shall take place by way of a non-public disputation before the Examination Board.

Disputation or two individual examinations

The disputation will take place before the Examination Board:

  • for a Dr. med.Dr. med. dent. and Dr. rer. medic. degree, where the mean sum of the assessor grades awarded for the written doctoral degree paper corresponds to or exceeds 1.0 (magna cum laude) and you requested a disputation at the procedures initiation
  • for a PhD and MD/PhD degree
  • in case of a temporarily protected monograph
  • if an assessment rules "non sufficit" even after revision
  • for a second attempt in the event of failure to pass the doctoral examination

In all other cases, the doctoral examination will take place in two individual oral examinations of 30 minutes each: The assessors, who must be university professors or lecturers, may neither supervise nor assess the dissertation. Also, they may not be a member of the doctoral candidate's work group.


The doctoral examination takes place in the presence of an observer and is open to the public. In the individual examination, the doctoral candidate will present the problem, methods used and results of the dissertation in max. 15 minutes. Subsequently, a subject-related oral examination will take place. The examination may not exceed 30 minutes. Finally, the examination result will be disclosed to you.