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Initiation of the doctoral examination procedure

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After finishing your doctoral thesis and fulfilling all mandatory coursework you are eligible to apply for the commencement of your doctoral examination procedure at the Office for Doctoral Studies.

Checking for plagiarism according to doctoral regulations 2017

As of January 1, 2021, all doctoral theses registered under the 2017 doctoral regulations will be subject to software-supported plagiarism assessment. This preliminary check is carried out before the dissertation is submitted to the Doctoral Office and the application for the opening of the doctoral procedure is filed. The aim is to avoid proceedings for violations of good scientific practice as far as possible in the future. Please inform yourself about the procedure on this page.

Consultations with appointment & initiation of the doctoral examination procedure

  • First, submit your doctoral thesis for a plagiarism check. Once this is completed, proceed to the next step
  • Second, please send us your dissertation by e-mail for formal review, preferably as a Word file. If it's due to technical reasons not possible for you to use the Word format, we kindly ask you to clarify it with us in advance. Merge your dissertation into one document as described on the pages "Doctorate by publication" or "Doctorate by monograph".
    Note: If you have opted for a doctorate by publication and English is not your native language, we strongly advise you to have your synopsis proofread by a native speaker.
  • Once your dissertation has successfully passed the formal examination, we will grant you approval to submit your application and all required documents to begin the doctoral procedure. Please ensure that all documents are included in a single submission. Incomplete documents may be returned to you. You can submit your documents either by post or schedule a personal appointment via e-mail. Please note that no drop-off option, such as a mailbox, is available at the doctoral office.

Please anticipate a processing time of 1 to 2 months for your application to open the doctoral procedure.

If you have any questions, please call or e-mail us.

Initiation of the doctoral examination procedure

The required documents for your doctoral degree application may differ depending on whether you choose to pursue a doctorate by publication or by submitting a monograph: