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Aptitude assessments for applicants with a Bachelor's degree

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Aptitude assessments for applicants with a Bachelor's degree

Outstanding holders of Bachelor's degrees can apply for assessment of their general aptitude to pursue a Dr. rer. medic., PhD or MD/PhD degree if they have obtained a Bachelor's degree with ECTS grade of A or a comparable outstanding grade in a subject relevant to their envisaged doctoral degree subject and topic

Master's graduates who have not completed undergraduate studies are also eligible to apply.

In order to be admitted to a doctorate, you have to pass the aptitude assessment successfully.

You can submit your application for aptitude assessment together with the below specified documents to the Office for Doctoral Studies.

The following documents must be enclosed with the application:


  • CV in tabular form, showing the applicant’s academic career (without gaps)
  • Detailed overview of all courses attended and examination results, issued or certified by the relevant university
  • All university certificates obtained
  • A copy of the Bachelor's thesis (the Master's thesis), if applicable
  • The assessment report(s) on the Bachelor thesis (the Master thesis), if applicable
  • Two letters of recommendation by university professors or lecturers regarding the applicant’s aptitude to independently pursue scientific work at doctorate level
  • A list of all publications, if applicable
  • Information on academic distinctions and awards as well as additional qualifications, experiences or contributions relevant to the assessment of the aptitude to pursue doctoral studies
  • A synopsis stating why the applicant wants to pursue a doctoral degree (i) without a Master's degree or equivalent, (ii) or without undergraduate studies
  • A scientific synopsis (2-3 pages) containing following information: subject of doctoral studies, intended doctoral degree, the topic of doctoral studies, background of the research question, methodical approach, new gain of knowledge, approximate time schedule


In addition to the postal mailing, we kindly ask you to send us the documents merged into one PDF file in the order mentioned above.


In case of a promising application, the candidate will receive a written invitation to present the project to the Aptitude Assessment  Board: The applicant will then hold an approx. 20-minute presentation on a scientific topic selected by the applicant himself or herself which is linked to the envisaged subject and topic of the doctoral degree. The topic must be submitted to the Office for Doctoral Studies seven days in advance.
The subsequent max. 40-minute discussion, should cover the following points:

  • The contents of the presentation
  • The envisaged subject and topic of the doctoral degree
  • The applicant’s scientific qualification
  • His or her academic career and
  • additional contents, providing information on the aptitude to pursue doctoral studies

The determination of the applicant’s aptitude may be attached to certain conditions and obligations. The written notification of the aptitude to pursue doctoral studies must be submitted to the Office for Doctoral Studies together with the other documents when you register your doctoral project.