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Doctoral Degree Regulations 2017

In this section and its subpages, the team of the Office for Doctoral Studies at Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin provides information on the Doctoral Degree Regulations 2017, also abbreviated as: PromO 2017.

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Mailing list for doctoral candidates

Are you doing your doctorate at the Charité? Then we would be happy if you subscribed to the mailing list! We would like to use the mailing list "Promovierende(at)Charité" to send you information from the office for doctoral studies and the coordination office of the doctoral environment. (With questions and concerns about doing a doctorate, please continue directly to us.)

Revision of doctoral regulations 2017

The Faculty Council has partially revised the doctoral regulations 2017. You can find the new version in the Official Bulletin of the Charité (No. 258) and under Links & Downloads

In this document [in German only], we have compiled important changes that are of interest to doctoral students.

Doctoral programs and graduate Schools

The structured doctoral programs, i.e. doctoral programs and graduate schools, have their own admission requirements, selection procedures and curricula. In the event of questions relating to this, please refer to the relevant contact. Click here for an overview of the programs.

Also, please note that the structured doctoral programs are confusingly also referred to as doctoral studies: These must not be confused with the accompanying studies amounting to 5 or 30 ECTS credit points which must be obtained by all doctoral candidates in accordance with the new Doctoral Degree Regulations.

Detailed information on the accompanying studies and the required ECTS credit points is available at the Doctoral environment.