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Information for doctoral candidates

Below and on various subpages, the team of the Office for Doctoral Studies at Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin has put together useful information for doctoral candidates.

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Mailing list for doctoral candidates

Are you doing your doctorate at the Charité? Then we would be happy if you subscribed to the mailing list! We would like to use the mailing list "Promovierende(at)Charité" to send you information from the office for doctoral studies and the coordination office of the doctoral environment. (With questions and concerns about doing a doctorate, please continue directly to us.)

Are you interested in a doctorate at the Charité or are you already a doctoral student?

  • You can access detailed information on the doctoral process and on the studies accompanying the doctorate (doctorate environment) by clicking on the corresponding tile.
  • Under "Counseling" we have compiled various counseling options for you, for example, in case of conflicts with your supervisors or regarding funding opportunities (scholarships).
  • Forms can be found under "Links & Downloads" [in German only - please see the German page].
  • Frequently asked questions are answered under "FAQ" [in German only - please see the German page].
  • Under "Notes on good scientific practice" you can access the website of the Office for Good Scientific Practice.


(German page) Catalogue of doctoral project topics
(German page) FAQ

Checking for plagiarism according to doctoral regulations 2017

As of January 1, 2021, all doctoral theses registered under the 2017 doctoral regulations will be subject to software-supported plagiarism assessment. This preliminary check is carried out before the dissertation is submitted to the Doctoral Office and the application for the opening of the doctoral procedure is filed. The aim is to avoid proceedings for violations of good scientific practice as far as possible in the future. Please inform yourself about the procedure on this page.

Notes on the course "Good Scientific Practice"

Unfortunately, the Charité has to deal with a number of plagiarism proceedings in which the question has to be clarified whether the rules of good scientific practice have been observed. This concerns past completed doctorates.

In order to better protect doctoral students from this in the future, the Charité issued the "Statutes for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice" back in 2012. In § 1 (2), it is stipulated that participation in lectures on Good Scientific Practice (content focuses on experimental design, evaluation of primary data, statistics and authorship) is mandatory for doctoral students.

Since the beginning of February 2016, the certificate of attendance of this lecture must be presented at the opening of the doctoral procedure. 

Please also note the following:

  • If you have already attended a compulsory lecture for doctoral and postdoctoral students on Good Scientific Practice at Charité, but no longer have the certificate at hand, you can contact the Office for Good Scientific Practice (gwp[at]charite[dot]de) directly.
  • For students of the Model Study Program Medicine (MSM), this lecture is integrated in Module 23. Please submit a copy of the corresponding proof of attendance.
  • Courses on good clinical practice, e.g. the "Course GCP (Good Clinical Practice)" offered by the Medical Association (Ärztekammer), are not recognized, as these course contents do not correspond to those of the Good Scientific Pracitce courses.
  • Since compliance with the guidelines on Good Scientific Practice of the Medical Faculty Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin must be ensured, only the certificate of the Charité is accepted.

Under "Notes on the preparation of the dissertation" you will find further important notes and instructions on writing a dissertation.