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Here you will find additional information on the issuance of certificates of attendance and the attendance of courses.

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Certificate of attendance and list of courses

Please select the courses you want to attend, in consultation with your supervisors. For this, also use the list of courses available on the Intranet of the Charité (can only be accessed by VPN from outside the Charité network) - which is, however, not an exhaustive list.

Please note:

  • It is sufficient if the lecturer or course organiser signs the certificate of attendance at the end of the course. A stamp or an "official" confirmation of the institution is not required
  • If the lecturer or course organiser issues a certificate of attendance, it is also possible to submit this. It is not necessary to have a certificate of attendance of the Charité completed in addition
  • If the lecturer is not able to provide information on ECTS credit points, simply leave this section blank. In this case, we will award credit points based on the information on the relevant course presented to us

If you have attended the course of an organizer who does not award ECTS credit points, this course can still be credited to you. Please enter this course in the Excel list and make sure that the number of attendance hours is indicated on the certificate of attendance. Also, please attach a screenshot or similar showing the structure and content of the course.

Submission to the Coordination Office

Towards the end of your doctorate, i.e. once you have finished working on your dissertation and are ready to submit it in order to apply for the initiation of your doctoral examination procedure, please submit the certificates of attendance electronically (scan, pdf format) by email in a single document together with the completed Excel list to the Coordination Office of the Doctorate Environment: promotionsumgebung(at) We reserve the right to have original certificates presented to us.

All emails must include 

  • your forename and surname and
  • your date of birth in the header

Please be aware that submissions not corresponding to these specifications cannot be processed!

The Coordination Office of the Doctorate Environment will check whether the provisions of the curricula on the Standard Track and Advanced Track have been complied with, and will prepare a collective certificate on all course attendances. This will be forwarded to you by email and must be submitted to the Office for Doctoral Studies as proof (printed copy) of the successful attendance of the courses of the doctoral environment as a prerequisite condition for initiation of the doctoral examination procedure.