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Doctorate Environment

Below and on the subpages, you will find information provided by the Coordination Office for the doctoral environment of Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin on the topics of doctorates and doctoral studies (= "Doctorate Environment"):

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Mailing list for doctoral candidates

Are you doing your doctorate at the Charité? Then we would be happy if you subscribed to the mailing list! We would like to use the mailing list "Promovierende(at)Charité" to send you information from the office for doctoral studies and the coordination office of the doctoral environment. (With questions and concerns about doing a doctorate, please continue directly to us.)

Doctoral studies

New Doctoral Degree Regulations came into force at the Faculty of Medicine at Charité –Universitätsmedizin Berlin from 1 November 2017. Doctorate accompanying courses are now compulsory in order to improve the quality of bio-medical graduate education. In these courses, doctoral candidates – in consultation with their supervisors – will put together a personalised qualification program, intended to prepare them for future scientific activities. These courses offered within the scope of doctorate accompanying studies form the centrepiece of the so-called Doctorate Environment at the Charité.

If you are pursuing your doctorate within a structured doctoral program, then you will obtain the required ECTS credit points within the curriculum of the relevant program. Please turn to the contact person of the program.

If you are pursuing your doctorate by way of a classical individual doctorate, you may - within certain limits - put together an individual curriculum in consultation with your supervisors.

The following notes are relevant to doctoral candidates pursuing an individual doctorate.

All candidates who have registered a doctoral project at the Faculty of Medicine of Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin are eligible for the courses in the Doctorate Environment. However, we request your kind understanding that places in these courses will be preferentially allocated to candidates pursuing a doctoral degree according to the new Doctoral Degree Regulations (PO 2017).

The doctoral candidates will pursue their doctoral degree either on

  • Standard Track
    awarded degrees: Dr. med.Dr. med. dent.Dr. rer. medic.

or on

  • Advanced Track
    awarded degrees: PhD or MD/PhD

and are obliged to complete doctorate accompanying courses and training sessions equivalent to 5 ECTS credit points on the Standard Track or 30 ECTS credit points on the Advanced Track. For all degrees, credit points must be obtained in addition to the contributions required for graduation.

It will be verified that you have obtained the required number of ECTS credit points when you apply for initiation of the doctoral examination procedure. In other words, you do not need to have already obtained these ECTS credit points when registering your doctoral project. 

Please note the following information:

  • The list of courses compiled by the Doctorate Environment Coordination Office can be found on the Charité intranet.This list is not meant to be exhaustive.
  • The doctoral college of the Charité (Promotionskolleg der Charité) offers different courses, for which you can register via the LLP (Lehrveranstaltungs- und Lernzielplattform): Tutorial bookings > Target group: doctoral students.
  • Within the framework of the Berlin University Alliance, courses and events are offered for doctoral students of Charité, FU, HU and TU. For more information, please visit the Graduate Studies Support pages.
  • Doctoral students in the Standard Track can take courses offered by the Dahlem Research School (DRS). Please, create an account at the DRS and book courses from the Professional Development Program for doctoral researchers directly via the course booking platform.
  • Doctoral researchers in the Advanced Track can take courses at the Humboldt Graduate School (HGS). The HGS courses on key competencies are only open to doctoral researchers in the Advanced Track who are in the individual doctoral program, i.e. not in a doctoral program (doctoral program, research training group or similar). Doctoral candidates in the advanced track within a doctoral program should contact the program coordinator to find out whether and how they can gain access to the HGS through the program. Doctoral students in the advanced track in the individual doctoral program book courses directly with the HGS according to their needs. Enter the term "Charité Advanced Track" under "Registration" in the field "Promotionsprogramm / Doctoral program", and the address promotionsumgebung(at) in the field "E-Mail Programmkoordinator/in / Email program coordinator". Free of charge offers, which are declared by the HGS as "open to all doctoral candidates", can also be attended by doctoral candidates in the Advanced Track in the Individual Doctorate.
  • In addition, there are extensive credit opportunities for courses you have taken prior to earning your doctorate or at other universities.
  • Enroled doctoral students apply for adjunct audiences for events at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU) and Freie Universität Berlin (FU). The application for the HU can be found here. The form for the FU is available in the doctoral office and can also be requested electronically at this email address. The doctoral candidates select the courses they are interested in from the course catalog, enter the title of the course on the form and give it to the lecturer of the course. He or she will certify that the student is eligible to attend. The doctoral candidates then send the completed form to the administration of the HU or FU. From there, they will receive the approved application for adjunct auditorship.

Contact and office hours of the Coordination Office

New address:

Charité Campus Mitte
Reinhardtstraße 58
EG Room 0.0007
phone: +49 (0) 30 450 570 729

Consultation hours:

During this time, there will be no telephone consultation hours, nor will e-mails or incoming mail be processed.

  • on Tuesdays: 09:30 am - 11:30 am
  • on Wednesdadys: 13:30 pm - 15:30 pm

Attention: changed office hours on Wednesday, December 6th 2023: 11:30 to 13:30.

There are no appointments.

You may contact the team by email: