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Vertrauenspersonen for doctoral affairs

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The Faculty Council has appointed Vertrauenspersonen who act as contact persons and mediators for doctoral candidates and supervisors in case of conflicts that threaten the successful completion of a doctoral project. The Vertrauenspersonen have the obligation to deal in a strictly confidential manner with the cases submitted to them.

Please note that for issues in relation to Good Scientific Practice / Research integrity there are ombudspersons for Good Scientific Practice

Please note: The Vertrauenspersonen for doctoral affairs...

... are there for doctoral candidates as well as their supervisors.

Current Vertrauenspersonen for doctoral affairs

Currently, the Vertrauenspersonen are:

  • Prof. Dr. Antje Beling (e-mail)
  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Gold (e-mail)
  • Prof. Dr. Robert Gütig

Please note:

Please note that the Vertrauenspersonen can't offer general counsel in relation to pursuing a doctorate. Should you have any questions about that topic, please turn to the Office for Doctoral Studies: promotionsbuero(at)

Should you have any questions in relation to doctoral studies, please turn to the Coordination Office of the Doctorate Environment: promotionsumgebung(at)

Should you have any questions in relation to Good Scientific Practice / Research integrity, please turn to the Ombudspersonen for Good Scientific Practice.