Note regarding the course on „Good Scientific Practice“

Unfortunately, Charité has to deal with a number of plagiarism cases, in which the question of whether the rules of good scientific practice have been violated needs to be resolved. This pertains to dissertations completed in the past.

To provide our doctoral candidates with better protection against such violations in the future, as early as 2012, Charité issued a Öffnet externen Link im aktuellen Fensterregulation on Good Scientific Practice. Section 1 (2) stipulates that it is mandatory for doctoral candidates to attend courses on Good Scientific Practice (the focus of these courses is on experiment planning, evaluation of primary data, statistics and authorship). We have been in compliance with this stipulation since the beginning of February 2016 by requiring that the candidate provide a certificate of participation in these courses when opening a dissertation procedure. However, since not infrequently, candidates have not obtained this certificate yet, the following rules have been laid down:

  • For now, you can submit the documents supporting the application for opening the dissertation procedure also without the certificate.
  • You can submit the certificate any time before the end of the dissertation procedure. However, we must be in receipt of the certificate at least four weeks before the doctoral certificate award ceremony.
  • If you have already attended a Öffnet externen Link im aktuellen Fenstermandatory course on Good Scientific Praxis for doctoral candidates and lecturers (habilitands) at the Charité, but don’t happen to have the certificate of participation handy, you can get in touch with Mr Michael Müller.
  • For students of the model course „Medizin”, this course is contained in module 23. Please submit a copy of the attendance certificate to us.
  • Courses on good clinical praxis such as the GCP course offered by the Ärztekammer (Chamber of Medicine) are not recognized because the content of these courses does not correspond to that of GSP courses.
  • As the adherence to the proper guidelines of Good Scientific Practice of the Charité must be ensured, only certificates issued by Charité can be accepted.

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