(In)credible Research Awards

(Beschreibung in der Konferenzsprache, in Englisch)

The awards aim to incentivize and recognize the use of Open Science practices by our participants beyond the conference.
Any initiative of implementing practices to make research more accessible, transparent or reproducible is eligible. Field of study/research, or status of the project/initiative (whether it's successfully completed or ongoing, published or unpublished) is of no regard for eligibility.

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Call for Open Science Use Cases for '(In)Credible Research Awards'

Open to: All conference participants (of course you are invited to the team up with further ECRs)

Application is by means of a brief report (a 'use case')  of the experience with activities that align to one or more of the following open objectives:

  • making the outputs of research, including publications, data, software and other research materials freely accessible and reusable in a time-stamped, public online repository 
  • using online tools and services to increase the transparency of research processes and methodologies;
  • making scientific research more reproducible by increasing the amount and quality of information placed on the public record;
  • using alternative models of publication and peer review to make the dissemination of research faster and more transparent (e.g. using preprint servers);
  • using open collaborative methods and tools to increase efficiency and widen participation in research
  • start an initiative with the aim of educating, promoting or enabling the practices mentioned above
  • conducting a replication study

The use case should be of 500-800 words length and answer the following questions:

  • What did you do? Why? How? What was the outcome?
  • What challenges and difficulties did you face?
  • What additional support would have helped you?
  • What did you learn?
  • Would you do something differently next time?

You’re welcome to attach photos/figures if applicable!

We would like to publish a selection of the use cases in the conferences final report (and online).

All submissions will be checked for eligibility (representing a clear, sensible report of a relevant initiative covering all questions.)

A lucky draw among eligible submissions will select the 5  winning use cases for our awards!
The winners will receive vouchers for a local bookshop plattform.

We are looking for inspiring accounts of motivation and insightful assessments of existing challenges.
Your honest report is welcome - here trying new practices is more important than applying them perfectly.

Please send your report to: ecr-conference2020(at)charite.de

Final deadline is April, 30th 2021. Please send your reports until then.

Thank you very much in advance, we are looking forward to it!

Your (In)credible Research Team